Oprhan Care Night @ Southeastern!

Who: You are invited!  Invite your friends, small group members, family, and neighbors!

What: Orphan Care Coffee House $5 at the door. Coffee provided by Wake Forest Coffee Company & Homemade desserts

When: Thursday, November 18th from 8-11 pm (TONIGHT!)

Where: Ledford Center at SEBTS in Wake Forest, NC

Why: To help raise awareness of orphans and support the Canaan Orphanage in Haiti and a family that is adopting. 
Although I don't know this family, I think this is a really great opportunity to support each other as a community of believers. 


  1. Meant to tell you this yesterday but...
    HAPPY (belated) ADOPTION DAY!

    Also on the Haiti front, people should check out the Help Haiti Act that is currently being held up in Congress due to some controversial immigration additions people are trying to add to this already approved legislation regarding adoptions from Haiti after the earthquake.


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