November Official Numbers!

 Although this month is a "phone call" month with our case manager, we got a quick email last week to let us know our numbers on the waitlist. October was a very exciting month at AGCI. While a family was in Ethiopia at Hannah's Hope, they saw 10 babies come in! The family kindly emailed the waiting families on the listserve, so it was only a matter of time for the "HH10" to be matched with forever families! It was super fun to see many referrals in one day, and for families that were our first blog friends to now be parents!

Anyways, our numbers for November are significantly lower than October's numbers!!

For a girl:

For a boy:

 Yes, 55 Girl, 30 boy!

 We are so thankful for this movement, but more excited for the many babies that now have mommies and daddies!


  1. YAY!! LOVE your new numbers!!t

  2. woo hoo for some good movement, c'mon baby!!

  3. I LOVE the movement from this past month- especially being new to the wait list! Praying we see another great month! Wahoo!

  4. YAY, Bekah! How exciting! I love all the gospel-y-ness in this.

  5. Hi Rebekah-

    Just wanted to stop by after meeting you last Thurs. We adopted our Jonathan from AGCI Hannah's Hope in Guatemala. I remember the excitement of getting the new month's #s! Peace to you as you wait. God has a beautiful story already written out.


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