Saturday, December 31, 2016

Edith's Playgroup Fall 2016

In an attempt to find some kind of structure for Edith this year, we signed her up for the Union Church Playgroup in Bay Ridge. This meets once a week. Edith was in the 3s and 4s class, and it is a 2 hour class. It's not drop - off, so I stayed with her. The kids were pretty consistent so she made some sweet little friends!

The playgroup is really great. There's a huge basement filled with toys and the kids free- play for one hour. Then they have a snack period, storytime and then they do "concepts" in circle time (matching, sequencing, etc).


After circle time there's usually some songs/dance, then table toys and the "run around" which is hilarious. The kids run in a circle for 5 minutes to a song and they LOVE it.

Afterwards they get suckers and hand-stamps. Edith had never had a sucker before this and she loves them.

Here in circle time, Edith told me she had "FIVE hands!"

During the week of Halloween, Edith learned to trick-or-treat and it was so cute!


They had a cookie party at Christmas and the kids were so sugared-up that storytime was a little crazy!


I have been really thankful for this once a week thing that is just for my girl. She's grown so much in just a few months, and I can see progress in her attention span, willingness to wait her turn and work with friends. I am excited to continue this for her next year! 

Friday, December 30, 2016

NYC Marathon (November)

At the beginning of November is the annual NYC Marathon. This is definitely one of my husband Will's favorite days of the year. The marathon starts in Staten Island and then goes through Brooklyn - right down Fourth Avenue. We live on 4th Avenue so we can literally watch from our apartment! However we watched with our church family this year, which was SO fun. We have had a lot of community- building opportunities this fall, and watching the marathon together was a fun way to start the morning. We had worship right after and it was neat that so many people came early, reconfigured their commutes and were able to hang out.


I can't say enough wonderful things about this guy, Nathan. He is absolutely amazing with Israel. He is always eager to help him and has been instrumental in Israel's walking progress this year!


Edith wasn't so interested in the racing but had fun playing with friends!


It is such a cool event and we were glad that our church was able to take advantage of the opportunity to watch together!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Snow Day for Edith!

A week or so before Christmas, we had a snow day!! We have had a few days where snow was in the forecast but it never happened. I told my friend that I really wanted to have one good play-snow day with Edith before the baby came, because she loves snow and I wanted to have that chance! 

It felt like such a gift from God because I DID get that special day with Edith. We woke up to snow falling and Will took Edith out for her first time in the snow this season. It was snowing hard and then turned to rain but she and I got to play in it that afternoon for about an hour. It was a really sweet time!

Edith asked Israel, "Israel, have you seen snow buddy?" As if she was the big sister! Ha.

Sweet kiddos kept looking out the kitchen window ALL day and the next day they were sad that the snow was gone!

Edith and I went on our walk and some of the sidewalks were kind-of shoveled. She LOVED making snowballs and throwing them!

Some neighbors walked by and snapped a few pictures for me! Edith threw a snowball at them and said "It was me, Edith!"

I love the mischief in this girl!

We went to our back courtyard (normally I wouldn't take the kids back there because it is where we keep our trash!). Edith said "what beautiful snow! and such GIANT buildings!"

I hope we get a few more snows this year for the sake of the kiddos! We didn't take Israel out this time because it is a lot of work with him and he doesn't really like it, but hopefully we will have the energy and capacity to take him out another time this season!
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