Weekend Recap

Last weekend was definitely more low-key than the one before, but we did manage to have some fun in Brooklyn!

In the morning I went on a walk through the neighborhood to clear my head. Meanwhile, Will took the kids on a walk! I walked to the edge of Bay Ridge near the bridge and sat down on a bench to read and write. It was so refreshing!

Afterwards, I went to Israel's IEP and it was a big success! I'll write more soon about Israel's school and therapy... but I'm really proud of myself for standing up for him and being bold in the meeting.

Friday night we went to the splash pad at Owl's Head Park.

Then we enjoyed the "Summer Stroll on 3rd" where 3rd street was blocked off and people could walk around and there were some booths set up. Restaurants had tables in the street and we got some cheap pizza before we headed home. We even saw a knock-off Mickey and Minnie!

Saturday: We went to the Brooklyn Children's Museum for their "I-Can Kid Abilities Day" where there were special exhibits for kids with special needs. I was really impressed with their itinerary of events, but we only got to enjoy the dance party and bubbles that were special events. Israel LOVED the dance party and the workers gave him a lot of attention! He used his walker and he had a blast.

Saturday night I got to hang out with my childhood best friend's sister! Keri watched me grow up and she has two awesome daughters and a hilarious husband (who was also around when I was a kid!). Seeing Keri and Joel and the kids was really refreshing to me, we had a fun dinner out and then they did a little shopping in Bay Ridge.

Sunday: Church went great, and the kids were happy in church the whole time! :) Makes me proud! After their nap we took the kids to the bakery around the corner where they got a cookie, and then Will went to visit another church in the city.

It was a nice weekend as a family!