The Really Long Walk Week

On Monday I needed to get out of the house because we had a rough morning. I ended up taking a really long walk (maybe two hours?!) with the kids. We went to a new park by the shore, then sat on the shore road boardwalk for about 30 minutes and kept walking. We went by the pier and finally Will met us and helped me push the kids home! We were all relaxed by the water.

Tuesday my friend Emily came to Bay Ridge and we went on another really long walk, touring the neighborhood. I decided to take my big camera for once and we took some pictures of our neighborhood during the walk. 

Church office

High School where our church meets

high school where our church meets

Our block

We also stopped by the pier again, where I took pictures of the kids. 

Wednesday I went on another walk with a friend in the morning. It was a lot of walking in just a few days!! I certainly have walked more in the last few weeks than I normally did in Alabama. :) It doesn't hurt that there's always something fun to see and a new part of the neighborhood to explore!