Thursday: One on One afternoon!

Last Thursday afternoon Israel had his first therapy session, and I wanted to be able to give undivided attention as it was an assessment/ planning time for the therapists he will be working with until he starts pre-k this September (I'll do a full update on all of this soon!). It was only 12 blocks away so I walked Israel over there, and he and I had a great hour there. He had 30 minutes of PT and 30 minutes of OT. Each therapist had two students observing, so Israel had six women to charm for an hour and he ate up the attention. He loved that hour so much and it truly felt like a "reset" button was pressed on him. He did great and loved all of the things they had to offer (mainly the swings!). 

I am really, really excited that Israel is back at therapy for the summer. It's been two months since he received services. I know his little body and mind needed the challenge and I hope this will be a great fit for him for the next few weeks until he has school therapists again. 

While we were at therapy, Will took Edith on a date! They went to the Brooklyn Children's Museum and then to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. They had a blast and Edith loved the sand and water exhibits. 

Thursday was just a good one-on-one afternoon with the kids. I think Will and I both needed a positive outing with the kids and it recharged all of us.