VACATION!! {Cruise Jan 2015}

At the end of last summer, when I graduated from my MSW, and Will finished his PhD courses, we decided we needed to celebrate in a big way. So, to celebrate our school accomplishments and also for Christmas and our upcoming 6th anniversary, we booked a CRUISE!

Will and I have not really been away from the kids. We have taken brief overnight trips (for conferences and meetings, not a vacation) since we brought them home, so this was our first big getaway. My mom and sister-in-law came and watched the kiddos for us. Our cruise sailed out of New Orleans on Thursday and returned Monday morning. It was a great little vacation for us. 3 days on a boat was all we needed to refresh and recharge. I think it was really beneficial for us to completely unplug and separate our minds from home. I left a book of notes for my mom and outlined every possible scenario of my kids' needs, so I just had to trust that they would be taken care of and loved well in our absence!

I would describe our trip as restful. We really didn't do a lot. We went to some shows, ate way too much food, and read several books apiece. Will brought down the house on karaoke ("Getting Jiggy With it" by Will Smith FYI) and one lady told me I was "so lucky!" to be with him, ha! Our trip was so fun and it was so nice to not THINK! As parents it is impossible to shut down mentally. There's always a meal to cook or diaper to change. For several days we were just able to be served and to just rest and enjoy each other. It was so good for us.

I liked the cruise but we didn't really do much in Mexico on our port. We went to a restaurant and FaceTimed the children, which was really nice for our hearts. The vacation wasn't really about the boat or the destination - it was about getting away. It was perfect for us in this season!

I'm so thankful for this vacation and the way we were able to start off a new semester of college ministry/ parenting! We are feeling refreshed and ready! How often do you get away? 


  1. What a fantastic escapade! That kind of treat is truly a remarkable way to celebrate your accomplishments. Well, I really enjoyed reading your blog post, and it’s as if I'm with you guys. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for sharing this, Rebekah! More travels to come!

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