Park Day

Yesterday I met some friends at the park (even though it was deceivingly chilly out!) with the kids to play. It's really hard to go places with both kids alone so I'm thankful my friend was there (and one of our college students ended up coming by, and Will even came by at the end!).

One of my favorite things was watching them on the slide. Edie is SO independent these days. She can slide down on her own, scoot off the slide and walk around to do it all over again! She is so smart!! Israel has also gotten much better on the slide. Slides used to really scare him but now he can scoot his way down it and it makes him happy!

 Sometimes it is just nice to GET OUT of the house, you know? This park has been pretty special to me, because we have been coming here for several years. I have loved watching Israel's legs get longer and longer as they poke out of the same swing. He has been growing in independence and personality.

Edie wanted to go and explore everything. She didn't want to follow us around the park but wanted to do her own thing. She wouldn't come when I called but would go and explore the opposite direction!! She is her own little person and she wants to see it all.

I'm thankful for good days. For days where it seems like "we can do this!" and the kids are happy and growing. I often feel inadequate but this particular day I felt joy in seeing my growing kids. It is an honor to watch them flourish and explore. I love seeing their unique personalities and how they are making milestones and developmental progress. What a gift it is to be their mom.