New Years Resolutions

I love a fresh start. I know that New Year's Resolutions don't always stick but I think there's something important about at least having goals. This year I have a few areas I want to discipline myself/ our family:

1. Some sort of exercise/ fitness routine. I've already started Jillian Michael's 30 Day shred, and I may try the Couch to 5K again when the weather is nicer. I have just gotten so lazy, I need some discipline! I notice a direct correlation from when I'm working out, I also am intentional about what foods I'm eating too!

2. Read books! I love to read, but I want to make sure I keep reading and don't just watch TV or waste time during naps.

3. Invest in community. With college students, other moms, whatever. I need other women in my life in an intentional, prayerful, accountable way.

4. Declutter, purge, pass along, and sell. We have a lot of junk.

5. Dave Ramsay! Will and I are doing Financial Peace University, so I know that #4 will work very nicely with this goal. We have some ideas of our future - owning a home, adopting again, etc., and we need to get into gear on our finances and that means some stricter discipline NOW so we can make those big investments later.

6. Blog regularly. Not just for YOU guys, but for myself! I love to look back and read about our kids and how God has been faithful to us. This blog is a diary of sorts and I want to regularly contribute for the sake of my sad little memory and for the sake of documentation.

What are your new years goals?