Christmas 2014 Recap

Whew! December seems to FLY by every year, doesn't it? Here are a few favorites from Christmas 2014.

1. The Christmas Parade  - full blog post here.

2. Kids and Christmas Trees. I loved how the kids seemed to notice the tree this year. They did pretty well with not taking ornaments off.

3. Christmas at the Falls - full blog post here.

4. Christmas with Grandma Scoggins. I took a quick trip with the kids and we went to my aunt's house in Opelika. This day also included a miracle nap from my kids (Israel NEVER naps in the car!) and they got to see extended family.

5. Tacky Christmas Party - Will and I got to enjoy some fellowship with other adults at church at our tacky Christmas party. Lots of good food and silly games! I actually made my skirt and headband during nap time that day - which felt like quite the accomplishment!

6. Homemade Christmas Gifts - This year I made some handprint ornaments for family members, and made sugar scrubs and zippered pouches for other gifts. I always love giving and receiving handmade items because it represents the time and thought put into making them!

7. Edith's growing independence. Over Christmas, Edith decided that she wants to walk everywhere and won't be carried! I loved dressing her during December because she had so many cute festive hand-me-downs.

8. Christmas Eve - On Christmas Eve we did presents for our kids. Israel's big gift was new bedding (cars and trucks, of course!) and Edith got a kitchen set. They both got some puzzles and books and other trinkets. We went to our Christmas Eve service at church, which is one of my favorite traditions but it is definitely more stressful when you're wrangling kids in the pew. I'm thankful for lovely church family for helping out with the kids during the service!

9. Scottsboro Christmas - After the Christmas Eve service we headed to Scottsboro to see Will's family. It was a fun trip where we got to see his siblings and parents. I love getting the kids together with their cousins!

10. Face Timing with my family. Being married during the holidays means double the family fun - so we don't see everyone every holiday, but I was thankful to face time with my silly siblings!

All in all it was a really wonderful December. We celebrated, we anticipated, and we reflected. Our catch phrase was from "O Holy Night" where it says "the weary world rejoices." 2014 often left us weary, but we have cause to rejoice. Not only in the salvation we possess but in the hope of redemption to come. I hope your holiday was refreshing and just what you needed!