Israel's Big Week

Last week was pretty big for our boy. He got two new things:

New GLASSES! He got a bigger size in the same (Miraflex) glasses. We also got a new type of lens, and I'm glad he can see out of these lenses because they are not scratched up! He had his other glasses for almost two years! (Remember when he got them?)

Another BIG/ LONG AWAITED thing for Israel is a fancy smancy walker! He is much more confident in it because he is strapped in. He is happy to walk and stand in it. I'm excited to see all of the progress he makes in it. I really believe he will walk on his own one day... and this walker will be a tool to help him gain confidence to be a little more independent.

In addition to his new things, Israel has continued to make progress with spoon/fork feeding. I'm really thankful for UCP and how they have consistently worked with him. It's really easy for me to just fix finger food for the kids so I don't have to help feed them both (especially because Miss Independent Edie won't let me help her ever). It was amazing to watch Israel know how to put the utensil in his mouth (after I loaded it). This time last year he was just starting to get a pincer grasp. God continues to show me that Israel is working on God's timeline and not mine.

So proud of my boy!