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I love reading. The moment I finished my classes this spring I headed to the library and got a stack of books. This summer I've read a lot and I have two books that you need to read!!

- Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker. 
 This is a quick read, I read it in a day and a half. The first half of the book is about why a family should simplify, and what is in our hearts that makes us desire stuff. It was really good and convicting. The second half of the book helped address specific areas of clutter and how to simplify. I'm not a naturally organized person when it comes to my house- I have piles of stuff laying around and it doesn't bother me. We have a garage full of junk that just sits there 90% of the year. This book encouraged me to de-own not declutter, and to make sure I am being intentional about what comes in my home. I feel that Will and I do a good job of not bringing too much into our home because we are living in a rental home. I am aware that this is not our forever house so I don't put too much pressure on myself to have it be picture-perfect. Areas where my home is prone to clutter: TOYS, clothes, and picture files.

Notable quotes: "The first (and most important) step in keeping your home clutterfree is to remove the excess possessions that are stealing your life, time and energy." (p.56) He explains that removing stuff from your house is a way to see what you value and what you are investing in. He argues that investing in people and memories is more important that things.

"There is far more joy to be found in pursuing less than can be found in owning more." (p.185). He explains how our patterns of living and spending will be passed on to our children. Are we teaching them to be content in what they have or that they need more stuff? I was very convicted on the amount of toys my kids have, and how they don't really appreciate them because there are so many to choose from.

There were really a lot of gems from this book. It's not necessarily targeted at parents, even though the title may suggest that. I would recommend it to others as a way to evaluate your heart, spending patterns, and your value of "stuff." Check out Joshua Becker's blog Becoming Minimalist for more!

-Treasuring Christ when your hands are full by Gloria Furman. 
This book!!! It was so refreshing for me. Such a good reminder about the gospel in motherhood. I was encouraged to be intentional in my relationships with other moms, and that we would be building each other up in the gospel and not just having girl friends who can relate to us as moms. I was convicted that my main role as a mom is to prepare my now-toddler kids for adulthood and a life devoted to Christ. I was encouraged to look at the daily ins and outs of motherhood through the viewfinder of the gospel. I was reminded that no sacrifice or hardship that I make as a mom compares to that of what Christ has done for me in salvation.cc It was so good, yall.

Notable quotes: "The world is brimming over with false hopes and nearsighted dreams for motherhood, but Jesus endures forever." (p.47).

"We need other Christian women in our lives to help us grasp how wide, how long, how high, how deep is the love of Jesus. Compartmentalizing our spiritual life away from our interactions with other women is unhelpful and spiritually damaging. When we relegate our fellowship with other women to discussions of fleeting things and avoid talking about how eternity is pressing on our heart, we're not doing ourselves or our friends any favors." (p.43).

"There are times when we are not motivated by the love of Christ, and we fume at our children not because they break God's law but because they break ours." (p.89). Wow - ouch. This chapter hit me as I was reminded that so often I serve my family without grace and on my own terms.

"More relevant than our mothering choices or strategies is whether we are walking in a manner worthy of him, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. (Col 1:9-10)." (p.98). This was particularly convicting to me as I am processing how to wean Edith. I've been very caught up in it, but am I spending as much mental effort in knowing God?

Both of these books are ones I intend to revisit regularly. Check them out!

*I wasn't paid or perked to post about either of these books. Amazon links included are NOT affiliate links, just thought they would be helpful.


  1. Thank you for posting your book recommendations! I am definitely going to look into the second one. The quotes you posted are excellent and just what I needed to read.


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