On the Move & Getting Chatty

Oh, what a happy mom I am! Don't get me wrong- the progress adds challenges, but I am SO THRILLED that I have two mobile kids in my house! Israel is scooting on his bottom, using his hands, and going all over the place. He knows where he wants to go and he will get there (often right under the TV, where he will pat the entertainment center to let us know he wants to watch a show!). He can go back and forth and make circles around our house. THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!! He used to get stuck in places, or wouldn't head in the right direction when he wanted to move. I'm so proud of him!

Edith is also crawling, so the two of them are often on the move together. They both love the sound that their pats make on the floor of the kitchen tile. These two kids are already best buds, and they will make each other laugh. Israel will shake a balloon and Edith will belly laugh. They share toys and Edith crawls all over him. They steal each other's toys and splash each other with water. I just love it.

Israel is talking so much more now! He can say: ball, mama, dad, GaGa, baby, puppy, car, truck, vroom, hi. Whenever Israel sees one of Edie's baby dolls, he will pick it up, say "baby baby!" and give it a kiss. He also just started to say "hi" and will look at his hand when he says it, like he knows that your hand is connected to the word.

Edie is also saying "ba" connected to baby and ball. She says "mama" as well! Chatty kids! After waiting SO LONG for movement and words in our house, I am just thankful for little glimpses into our kiddos' minds. 


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing! I love reading about Israel's progress and what a joy edith is!

  2. I have basically decided that adoption will be the way to go for my wife and I in the case that one or both of us are infertile. I think there are a lot of great kids out there who need homes. Who am I to deny that to them when I could potentially provide that for them.



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