Josie's First Birthday in Scottsboro

At the end of April, we took a trip to Scottsboro, Will's hometown, to celebrate our niece's first birthday. It had been a few months since we had seen our nieces, and it was so nice to spend time with family.

Four kids in the wagon didn't work out so well for Edie. 
 I can tell that Josie and Edie are going to be best friends!

The party:

Israel was happy as long as he was in the wagon. 

It was a great weekend with family! We are blessed! Love you Josie girl!


  1. This may be a random question: Do the necklaces that Edith and Israel are wearing have any significance? Are they by any chance special necklaces to help with jet lag? Another blog I follow had her children wearing similar amber colored necklaces on an out of the country trip they took. I was just wondering. We are traveling to to pick up our child from Eastern Europe in two weeks, and I was wondering if these necklaces could be helpful for us and our child.

  2. I think those are amber necklaces for teething.


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