Picture me with my hands in the air raising the roof! I am so thrilled to have made it through this year and to officially be DONE with my Master of Social Work!


Seriously, I am humbled and grateful to have made it through the year. I'll even whisper a RTR in honor of the University of Alabama...wait... no I won't. War Eagle :).

Thank you to my friends and family for supporting me and encouraging me! I had an amazing field placement at the Alabama Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries and made new dear friends working there. It was a great field experience for an internship and I will miss my coworkers and the foster families and children!

Next steps? Well, I decided not to pursue employment right now. I am going to study hard for my MSW license and then just wait until the right job opportunity comes along. In the meantime, I'm putting my Stay at Home Mom hat back on and soaking in a summer with my babies. God is good and faithful!