Edith: Nine Months Old


You are 9 months old today! I think the last month was so fast, I blinked and you went from 8 to 9 months! You are still the spunky, silly, smiley girl that we love so much. You charm everyone and haven't met a stranger yet. You still prefer to be in mom or dad's arms/laps if that is an option, but you will go to others and grin for anyone!

Edith, you are on the move girlfriend! You are no longer confined to one room, but will explore the whole house, especially if you are in a desperate search for your mama. You're not pulling up yet, but you are acting interested in things above you like the couch seat or what is on coffee tables. You love to stand and will even take a few steps if we prompt you by holding your hands.

You are eating big-girl food like a champ. We went to a wedding last weekend and you ate almost an entire chicken breast by yourself! You just kept shoving food in your mouth without taking a break. You love cheerios and will still eat babyfood too. You are still nursing for a short time before and after each nap, and you take 2-3 bottles at daycare during the day. You haven't quite figured out the sippy cup but you sure love waving it around and dropping it off your high chair. There have been a few (less than 1 hand full) of nights that you have slept through the night this last month, but you still like to have a quick nursing session 1-3 times each night. You go back to sleep pretty quickly though! You are taking 2-3 naps still, and since we've been on the go a lot this month, you've had some naps being held or snuggled, and so you feel that you are entitled to that whenever you want.

Things you love: smiling at yourself in the mirror, pulling my hair, scratching anyone's eyeballs, anything your brother is doing, bathtime, your water table, playing with Easter eggs, anything that makes noise, and getting into places that you don't know how to get out of. You are currently dropping cheerios off your high chair and smiling at me. You are a mischievous and silly girl!

In the growing department- you are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes! You still have a tiny size 1 shoe and you are starting to outgrow some of your headbands. You have two bottom teeth and your hair is getting a lot thicker.

Edith Joy, I cannot believe we are 3/4 of the way through your first year. It has been a year of such grace and joy! You are precious to us, baby girl. We praise the Lord for such a sweet gift!



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