Sometimes You Need Help

The last few weeks have been, well, pretty rough. We're entering new territory with Israel, full of tantrums, 4 new teeth (PLEASE HURRY eye teeth!), and trying to figure out how to discipline this precious boy. It has been confusing and tearful in our house! Plus, grad school for me has been super busy and Will always has a heavy load of school + sermon planning. I also had a breast infection this week that led to flu-like symptoms and Edith has discovered a "witching hour" at night where she just will not get happy!

All that to say, we've needed help, and some people have been so gracious to us. Normally I would try and tackle things on my own and act like we have it together. But we don't have it together, and sometimes you need your community to support you! I'm so thankful for dear friends who have offered help in trying to calm Israel using essential oils, a friend who ran errands for me so I didn't have to get out, and another friend who cleaned our whole downstairs for me while I took a nap!!! God is good and these friends have been blessings to us during the chaos.

I have some posts to put up, but as you read them and we look "picture perfect" know that there is always chaos behind the picture. :) I think it is easy to look at people's lives on social media and only see the joy and not the hard moments that make the joy sweeter. I'm thankful for the chaos because I know it is all gifts! But sometimes you need help, and I'm thankful that the Lord gives grace and the Holy Spirit in perfect portions for us.

PS. Aren't my kids cute? And crazy, but definitely cute.


  1. Aww motherhood can be so hard. Especially with SN kids. Has he been tested for autism yet? I am sure you said that was happening soon? Enjoy your precious babies!


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