One Month Home

It's hard to believe that it was only one month ago that we landed in the Atlanta airport and began our parenting journey. The week in Ethiopia felt more like a destination babysitting trip as we were outside of our culture, living in Survival Land and figuring out our little boy. When we landed in Atlanta and drove home... Then real life started!

So as you have seen from our posts so far this month, it has been one filled with doctors, sleep issues, and LOTS of marked progress!

We have seen lots of little developmental milestones and we have made some great steps forward in our attachment process. We have seen so much of Israel's bubbly personality and have started to hear his precious laugh.

We have started to figure out his schedule and what works for his needs.

In general, we have kept pretty housebound and have limited our interactions with new friends. His needs have only been met by me and Will.

We have kissed him probably no less than a thousand times per day. We have tried on every 6 month outfit he owns, and it's probably a good thing because he's already outgrowing his 6 month shorts! We have decided that he is absolutely adorable in hats, which is a good thing because there are days when mommy just doesn't know what to do with that crazy hair!!

We have had our breakdown moments where we have come to the "end of ourselves" and realized that we were trying to parent without the grace of God. Will and I have learned the need to compromise and support each other in new ways. Every tough moment has a hundred sweet moments to counter it.

We are so thankful for our sweet boy and the blessing it is to be his mom and dad!


  1. beautiful post! I love the pictures and watching his personality come to life in each one!

  2. Yay! Happy one month! It's a crazy crazy ride.

  3. Happy one month!!!!! I love the food on the face.

  4. Happy one month home!!!! Can you believe it's already been a month! Oh sweet boy you have come such a long way!

  5. Happy one month home!! Congrats! Your son is adorable!

  6. New follower!! I would die to adopt one day, and love that you and your spouse were selfless enough to adopt!! Looking forward to reading about your past journey and your present journey with that cutie!


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