Eight Months Old!

Dear Israel,

Today you are eight months old! This past month went by entirely too fast and I hope that's no indication of how the rest of your childhood will fly by.

This last month was a lot of fun! We have spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather and you love to look around and observe when we take walks. You are starting to play more with toys and you even picked up a toy a few times! You have learned that kicking really hard in your bouncy seat makes you bounce high so you get quite the workout! Your cousin Lottie let you borrow her exersaucer and that has been a huge blessing. You have so much fun in it but sometimes you get bored and Mommy has to spin you so you face a new direction. We also put up your Johnny Jump Up again this week and you like it as long as we use it as a swing!

You are eating three meals a day in addition to drinking bottles every 3-4 hours. Your favorite food is my homemade sweet potatoes! You have suddenly become a good sleeper at night and you are down to one nighttime bottle around 12-1 at night. Lately I have resolved that you are going to start napping in your crib, but you make me rock you for a long time first, and sometimes it takes multiple attempts to put you in the crib before you actually stay asleep! You love to be rocked and you will put your hand on our faces when we rock you or when we feed you a bottle. You have started to play when you wake up at night, instead of scream. This makes your parents very happy and sometimes if we have tried to put you back to sleep and you are stubborn enough, we let you win and you play for a long time in your crib. We watch you on the video monitor even though we should probably take that opportunity to sleep. You will just look at your hands and crack yourself up for hours!

This month you got to meet both sets of grandparents. It was very special because your granddads didn't get to go to the airport. Everyone thinks you are growing so much and that you are even sweeter in person than you seem in pictures!

You are almost sitting up! You will sit up in my lap and yesterday you sat up with the help of your boppy pillow! You are also rolling to one side and sometimes I play a trick on you and roll you all the way over and you think you did it... You look so proud!

You kick really hard when you are swaddled in blankets. It's like you are on a mission to get them off as fast as possible. We swaddle you every time you go to sleep but whenever we come to get you when you wake up, the blankets are always off of you! Magician! We have to swaddle your arms tight because otherwise you will keep playing with your hands, even if your eyes are closed!

You still love bathtime and you clench your hands tight on your chest while we pour water over you and breathe really heavy until it splashes. It always makes you smile when we dump the bucket on you!

Israel, we couldn't imagine life without you sweet boy. You are our son and couldn't be more so if you came out of my belly. You bring so much joy and life to us and you don't even know it! Just watching you take in your surroundings is fascinating. You are absolutely precious to us and we thank God every day that He brought us to you. We don't deserve such sweetness.

With a full heart,


  1. Happy 8 months birthday Israel!!!!!

  2. Happy 8 months sweet boy! I swear time goes so much faster after the adoption process is over!

  3. Happy 8 months Israel. He sounds like such a delight. :)

  4. I love this post! I feel like I know this sweet boy even though we've never met. I love how you share about him. Sweet post mama :)


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