3 Month Post-Adoption Report Visit!

It's crazy to think that time is passing so quickly! Today we had our 3 month post-adoption report visit. Ethiopia requires that families submit reports at 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months that are written by our homestudy social worker. She comes to visit our house and see Israel in his environment. After the first year, we will have a report due to Ethiopia on his birthday every year until he is 18- but those are not done by a social worker, just us!

Since our agency has to review the report before it is sent to Ethiopia, the report is actually done BEFORE 3 months... we've been home almost 8 weeks and we had our meeting today!

It went really well, and it was encouraging to process how our transition has been with our social worker Lynn. Lynn did our homestudy when we moved to Alabama last fall, so it was nice to be able to share how our progress has been and to have her insight into our attachment process. She affirmed our decision to cocoon and said she has seen many families that have NOT cocooned regret that decision!

We discussed his development, milestones, his transition to our family, and what changes we have seen in him. I still can't believe Israel is HOME, let alone that we're at this point where we are doing post-adoption reports. Time goes so fast!!