Does Biology Matter??

I know some people have reservations about adoption because they fear that they could not love a child that was not biologically theirs. I didn't ever really fear that, but I remember being afraid that I wouldn't instantly love our child with just our referral details (aka I wouldn't think he was cute... Didn't have to worry about that!).

I must say that there is nothing in me that doesn't cherish our son Israel. We will do whatever we can to protect and guide him into the man God intends him to be. He is our son! Of course, we missed his prenatal season and the first almost seven months of his life... But even during those months God was knitting our hearts together and preparing me to love this specific child. We have been praying for him for years.

We also have to trust in God's sovereignty. He placed Israel Biruk in our family for a reason. We can already see how his little personality just fits in with us. He has absolutely captured our hearts and there is not one feature or trait that we don't find absolutely adorable. We want to memorize him and freeze each day forever! I'm sure that's how a biological parent feels too.

Also, regarding race... I NEVER ever think about how my sons skin is different than mine. Of course, the way we care for his hair and skin is different (baby boy has got quite the collection of hair products and lotion). But I never look at him and think... He's different. Now, with that said, I have found myself become a little more concerned when we go in public. I make sure that he is lotioned up and his hair looks good, because I would hate for him to not appear appropriately cared for! That is definitely a people pleaser in me!

Another thing that I'd like to address is that my son has a history that is longer than the time he has been in our family. Yes, we love him unconditionally and he is now a part if our family forever. But that does not discount his first family or his time at the orphanages. We must take his history into consideration as we evaluate our expectations of him. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about the special women in Ethiopia that loved him first. They will always be a part of his story, and we talk about them often now, and will even more when Israel can understand.

So in conclusion, any argument that you can't love a child that isn't yours biologically is junk. Israel is ours. We have longed for him for years and God put him specifically in our arms. He has a history that is unique and will be a part of him forever- we are privileged to guide him through that and teach him to honor it. This little boy is so special. I can't wait to see how God is glorified through his life.


  1. I love reading about your confidence and Will's. I am so happy to read these posts and look forward to them as they come! What a blessed family you have <3


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