Grieving Boy

I have debated on posting this, because it is so sensitive.

My little boy is grieving. He is SO HAPPY, don't get me wrong- but it is in the nighttime, in the moments when he is vulnerable, that we see it.

It makes sense.

You see, the first two homes he had, he left after a month. He's been with us a month. He probably thinks its time to move on. Why get attached when you're about to move on? Why trust these new people if they aren't going to last?

So to all of you mommas out there that know what I'm talking about... we covet your prayers for our little boy's heart. It is so heartbreaking, but so rewarding to see the walls slowly break down. It is an honor for us to love him through these dark moments.


  1. Oh Bekah this makes my heart ache for Israel.It's the hardest thing to watch out little ones struggle. Praying that Israel will start to see that you and Will are forever, that he can trust you and that you are safe.

  2. Praying for his heart Bekah!!

  3. trusting the Lord will heal his little heart along with you guys!

  4. I was wondering if you could further explain how you see his grief manifest. I'm just curious because I can't even imagine it. I understand if you think it's too personal to share, I was just curious.
    I will be praying for healing!

  5. I can't imagine how hard that would be. Thankful for the sweet times you have with him when he is so happy and praying for you when you love him through the tough times. You're a great mama!

  6. Praying for Israel and mom and dad. This is a season, and it will pass. Praying he heals by the grace of God.


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