Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summit Church: Russell Moore & Orphan Care Meeting

Last weekend we were blessed to have Dr. Russell Moore (author of Adopted for Life) come to our church. He did a wonderful job teaching on the subject of adoption and I hope you will take the time to watch or listen to the sermon. Click here to view/listen.

There is also an Orphan Care Meeting TONIGHT at 7pm in the Bay at the Summit. From the website: "This meeting is for everyone! We'll update you on what's been going on with the Orphan Care Ministry and we will talk about foster care and domestic adoption in more detail. There will be a time for questions. Childcare is available." More details here.

Hope you all are doing well! These days we are trusting in the Lord's sovereignty and are thankful that He holds all things together, and all things work on His timing. It is so freeing to trust in Jesus.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your Loss Is My Gain??

I believe the best way to describe my current status is: mixed emotions. It is not impossible that we could get  a referral by the end of the summer! So much anticipation and excitement is in our hearts, yet we realize that the gift of our child comes from a huge loss on someone else's part.

I guess the reality of the "big picture" of our adoption has really started to hit. That although it is going to be a joyous day (for me & Will) when we get our baby, it won't be the beginning of his/her life, and even our gotcha day will be a bit traumatic for this child that has had too many transitions for an infant. By the time we meet our little one, the baby will have already gone through a tremendous loss, and we can't do anything about it. We can start fresh and show the baby a lot of love from that point on, but we can't go back and erase what happened, or prevent it now. Our baby will come to us because of a huge loss in its life and in the birthfamily's life as everything familiar is taken away. (Of course we trust in God's sovereignty and that He is the renewer of hearts and redeemer of bad situations.)

So as I guess that our baby may already be born now, I think- wow, could that loss be happening right now? Is our vulnerable baby dealing with a huge loss that I can't even comprehend?

And so I sit here not even knowing how to pray, yet trusting that God hears our prayers and His spirit intervenes on behalf of us.

I sit here too far away from Africa, not able to do anything to protect that little heart from hurt, yet trusting that God is knitting this precious heart together in the most perfect way.

I sit here knowing that I am inadequate and won't be the one to heal this little heart that will be entrusted to me, yet trusting that God will give us all the grace we need for each moment to come.

I sit here knowing we will have a long road ahead: an attachment that must be built, the loss of a birth family that must be recognized, and birth culture that must be honored...

So I will say, in adoption one's loss is NOT my gain. Baby, your loss is our loss. We weep with you and ache with you and we long to accept with a heavy heart the gift that your birth family and our God will give us: raising you to love Jesus.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Official June Numbers!

This month we got our June numbers, and there wasn't much progress.

For a girl:
(Moved NO spots)

For a boy:
(Moved two spots)

Honestly, the numbers are not really affecting me that much {today} because I 100% trust that the Lord is going to match us with the child that is meant for our family... so if we are 14, 25, 6, or 103 then God has us "in line" for the right one- and I KNOW that God is working in my heart during this process. He has shaped me so much in this last year of waiting, and I know that He isn't done molding me and transforming me into His likeness. I am privileged that He has chosen this adoption journey as a tool to break me of my desires for control or "perfect timing"- so many lessons I have learned about trusting God's faithfulness have occurred through this process. It is unbelievable that at the end of this, we will get to be parents! What a gift, I can't wait!

Thanks for following our adoption journey and for your encouragement. It means so much to me when people stop and ask how the process is going, or that people see that I'm "expecting" and are walking beside us in this. Little things like asking about a nursery or baby names (we're not telling) or about Ethiopia's culture. It means so, so much to have your support and I know this process has been much more enjoyable because of you (you = real people I know + internet buds + invisible readers). THANK YOU!

And if you are interested in prayer requests, one that has been heavy on my heart these days is the thought that we could get a referral soon... which means that our baby is BORN and in the process of becoming an orphan. I could write a whole blog post on this (and might) but it is so hard to imagine what the birth family is going through right now, and the thought that our baby is about to be in the most vulnerable situation ever. So please join with us in praying for the birth family and for our little one- for a healthy delivery, for safety and protection, for the Lord's peace and comfort, and for God's wisdom and sovereignty in the situation. Thank you, thank you, thank you- it would bless me so much to know others are joining with us in praying these things.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ethiopian Restaurant Double-Date!

This weekend Will and I went on a double-date with another adoptive family! We went to Abyssina, an Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Raleigh. Ashley and I shared the Lega Tibs, which was basically meat and onions and injera (pancake-like/spongy bread)- it was really yummy! The waitress was a beautiful Ethiopian woman and she was so kind to us, especially because we had no clue what to order!


Our friends the Moores- they are adopting through Gl*dney and just finished their homestudy! Woo hoo!

It was really good food- and we wanted to have some Ethiopian coffee while we were there but they only had one decanter and another table was using it! Bummer!

To other local peeps- we recommend it but you need to allot plenty of time! There was only one waitress and the whole restaurant seems to run on Africa time :) It was a great experience though!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday folks! Here's a random list of things that are in my head right now:

1. I  dropped off 9 cases of formula to my friend Julie, who is leaving this weekend for Hannah's Hope to pick up her son in Ethiopia! Isn't it crazy to think that those cases could help OUR BABY!!!!!!! Thanks to those of you who offered to be involved in my formula collection- I'm slowly going through emails and I hope to respond to you today!

2. I'm so excited for Julie's little boy- because that is another little AGCI baby at our church! He is also so incredibly cute and I have heard he has the funniest personality. I also was honored to be asked to make a lot of Africa shirts for their "airport party"- it is going to be awesome.

3. In addition to my joy for Julie's son coming home, my bff Leigh is headed back to Ethiopia to pick up their 4 year old son. Leigh and I talk every day, and I tear up often because I'm so excited for their family!

4. Someone on the AGCI listserve posted a blog link about Kung Fu Panda 2- it is a reaction from an adoptive parent. Please, please read it! Click here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Formula for Babies!

 Coupons + Sales  = The formula for getting lots of nutrition to kids who need it (for cheap)!

Okay, okay, I'll settle down with the cheesiness. But for real, YOU can help me bring some formula to the orphanage where our baby will be! (And if there is too much formula, then they will pass it along to government orphanages that need it too!)

My sister has started to join me in getting a nice stock of formula to bring to Hannah's Hope. She just got all this formula for SEVEN DOLLARS by using coupons/ buying on sale.

All this for $7!

The other day I went to CVS and found formula for $4.86, and I happened to have four $5 off coupons - which means I made profit off of these four jugs of formula!

All this for Free!

So, have I to ask you, will you help? If you are a new mom, I KNOW that you are getting coupons from Similac and Gerber for formula- are you using them? Would you be willing to pick up formula or mail me your coupons? For other couponers or those who get a Sunday paper, would you look out for coupons in your paper and set them aside/ buy formula for us to bring??

And if you ARE willing to help, will you try to buy SOY formula, as it is very expensive and hard to come by in Ethiopia! I think I read that 85 % of Ethiopians are lactose intolerant... and if the orphanages don't have soy formula, then they give the babies what formula they have, even if it makes their tummies hurt. How sad! This can be easily remedied, folks!

THANK YOU for considering partnering with us! We'll also be collecting wipes and diapers for those Hannah's Hope babies :)
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