Friday Randoms

Happy Friday folks! Here's a random list of things that are in my head right now:

1. I  dropped off 9 cases of formula to my friend Julie, who is leaving this weekend for Hannah's Hope to pick up her son in Ethiopia! Isn't it crazy to think that those cases could help OUR BABY!!!!!!! Thanks to those of you who offered to be involved in my formula collection- I'm slowly going through emails and I hope to respond to you today!

2. I'm so excited for Julie's little boy- because that is another little AGCI baby at our church! He is also so incredibly cute and I have heard he has the funniest personality. I also was honored to be asked to make a lot of Africa shirts for their "airport party"- it is going to be awesome.

3. In addition to my joy for Julie's son coming home, my bff Leigh is headed back to Ethiopia to pick up their 4 year old son. Leigh and I talk every day, and I tear up often because I'm so excited for their family!

4. Someone on the AGCI listserve posted a blog link about Kung Fu Panda 2- it is a reaction from an adoptive parent. Please, please read it! Click here.


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