Ethiopian Restaurant Double-Date!

This weekend Will and I went on a double-date with another adoptive family! We went to Abyssina, an Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Raleigh. Ashley and I shared the Lega Tibs, which was basically meat and onions and injera (pancake-like/spongy bread)- it was really yummy! The waitress was a beautiful Ethiopian woman and she was so kind to us, especially because we had no clue what to order!


Our friends the Moores- they are adopting through Gl*dney and just finished their homestudy! Woo hoo!

It was really good food- and we wanted to have some Ethiopian coffee while we were there but they only had one decanter and another table was using it! Bummer!

To other local peeps- we recommend it but you need to allot plenty of time! There was only one waitress and the whole restaurant seems to run on Africa time :) It was a great experience though!


  1. What a fun double date! I wish we had an Ethipian restaurant in MS! I guess my first time to try Ethiopian food will be in Ethiopia! :)

  2. We went there a few times with some friends. Do you know the Cranes? Thomas and Leslie, and their little boy Judah? Well, we went with them b/c Thomas grew up in Africa so he knew just what to order. Sooo delicious. There are actually quite a few Ethiopian restaurants here in Denver so we'll have to go check them out...although I wouldn't know what to order either, lol.


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