Formula for Babies!

 Coupons + Sales  = The formula for getting lots of nutrition to kids who need it (for cheap)!

Okay, okay, I'll settle down with the cheesiness. But for real, YOU can help me bring some formula to the orphanage where our baby will be! (And if there is too much formula, then they will pass it along to government orphanages that need it too!)

My sister has started to join me in getting a nice stock of formula to bring to Hannah's Hope. She just got all this formula for SEVEN DOLLARS by using coupons/ buying on sale.

All this for $7!

The other day I went to CVS and found formula for $4.86, and I happened to have four $5 off coupons - which means I made profit off of these four jugs of formula!

All this for Free!

So, have I to ask you, will you help? If you are a new mom, I KNOW that you are getting coupons from Similac and Gerber for formula- are you using them? Would you be willing to pick up formula or mail me your coupons? For other couponers or those who get a Sunday paper, would you look out for coupons in your paper and set them aside/ buy formula for us to bring??

And if you ARE willing to help, will you try to buy SOY formula, as it is very expensive and hard to come by in Ethiopia! I think I read that 85 % of Ethiopians are lactose intolerant... and if the orphanages don't have soy formula, then they give the babies what formula they have, even if it makes their tummies hurt. How sad! This can be easily remedied, folks!

THANK YOU for considering partnering with us! We'll also be collecting wipes and diapers for those Hannah's Hope babies :)


  1. Hi, i get formula coupons in the mail all the time but can not use them because Brody has to use enfamil AR for his acid refulx i will be glad to send you any coupons i get for formula. i think i have some for gerber formula right now, just let me know where to send them! have a great day my email is

  2. Hi! Talk about the Lord working in mysterious ways. I just got a box today with Similac formula and $20 in coupons. I signed up when I found out I was pregnant but we lost the baby in December. I would love, love to send this formula to you. My email is jmanley521 at hotmail dot com. Just email me with an address!

  3. I would love to help out. Where do I send the coupons to?


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