A Very Important Weekend

Most of you adoption blog readers will know of this retreat I'm about to mention- but if you haven't heard of it (and are interested in adoption/fostering) then LISTEN UP!

Last year I was blessed to go to the Created for Care Retreat in Atlanta- and this year they are doing it again (same place- Lake Lanier, GA) January 27-29th, 2012. The second year will be BIGGER and there will be even more breakout sessions/ topics that you won't want to miss if you can help it! This retreat is carefully planned and beautifully executed. The speakers share their stories and show how the Lord has provided and met the needs for their families when they step out in faith. I wrote about 30 pages of notes in my notebook that weekend!

A group of AGCI mamas

I have seen so much come out of this retreat last year. Friendships that extended beyond "blog world"- information that seeped through and encouraged and empowered women to do more and dream bigger- families saying "yes" in new adventures that the Lord was leading them to.... it could go on.

If you are on the fence about going, doubting the value of the trip (it is $165 for registration and you can spit a hotel room with up to 4-5 people)- ask me or anyone else who went- it is worth it! Also, last year when we lived in Raleigh, I posted here about wanting to carpool down to it, and a few emails later we had a van full of ladies from different agencies with different stories headed south. I looked forward to the drive as much as the retreat.

So in short, SIGN UP! And you don't have long to think about it. Registration starts September 1. Last year it filled up in one day! So ask your hubby, beg your family for an early Christmas present if you need it, and have your computer ready to register. You can worry about driving arrangements and rooming situations later. :)

Unfortunately I won't be able to go this year but I am counting on all of you attendees to give me a full report with notes and stories, ok??


  1. Really hoping I get to go this year!

  2. and now i am all teary about you not going. you will be missed like crazy!


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