Exciting News!

Great things are happening!!!!

1. The nursery is painted and the crib is set up! I know this is really early, but after being in the adoption process for a year and a half- I am choosing to view the empty nursery as a beacon of HOPE and not of a lacked blessing. The Lord continues to show His faithfulness in this process and having a nursery to develop is so much fun! Pictures to come soon!

2. Our first home study visit is Friday! Since we moved to a new state, we have to do a whole new home study. We have already sent off our Alabama Child Abuse & Neglect clearances (did that 2 weeks ago) and those may take around 4 months to get back. Bummer. But our home inspection is Friday and we are working hard to get all of the other details in place to have our home study finished very quickly.

3. Waiting Time. So, we were all a bit confused as to how the whole referral process would happen now that we have to update our homestudy. Well, we received a VERY EXCITING email today from our case manager that said that since our NC homestudy is not expired, once our AL homestudy has been drafted (as in- we have passed our home inspection) we can send the draft to AGCI and we can receive a referral before those long awaited background checks come in! Yall, this is a difference in waiting 2 more months or 4 more months. So, although it is still possible that we could work our way to the #1 spot and get skipped over until our home study is done, we don't have to wait forever on background clearances too. Or, this won't "mess" us up at all in our current timeframe. Who knows?! We are choosing to celebrate this small victory. WOO HOOOOOOO!


  1. still so excited over this news!!!! and I want to see pictures of the crib ASAP!

  2. Great news!!! So excited for ya'll!!!

  3. Wow, that's great news! Y'all are super fast!!

  4. Yay for the good news! Love your trust in the Lord's timing!

  5. Excited for you guys! So glad we can keep up with you from afar! Miss you both!

  6. Awesome news girl!! So excited for y'all!!


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