Homestudy Visit

Friday we had our home inspection with our new homestudy agency. We love our new homestudy social worker and are so excited that she is willing to work fast to get our process rolling. We were cleared on our home (no surprise, we knew what she was looking for) and were able to give her most things we needed for our homestudy update.

She said she wasn't ready to send all of our material to AGCI until we are cleared with our physicals and some forms that we still need to get together. Hopefully it can be done soon!!!

Thanks for praying for us- please pray that we are able to have all of this done very quickly so we can move forward with our adoption asap :)


  1. You've got this!! You'll be done before you know it :) We're saying prayers for you!!

  2. YaY!!! And I love your new numbers too...TOP FIVE!!!!!


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