Nursery Beginnings....

As previously mentioned, we have started on our nursery! We painted it pretty soon after moving in because we were determined to get rid of all the peach paint on every wall :) We had some leftover blue paint from our dining room so it was kind of a default choice to use blue in the nursery. The bedding I have made so far is gender neutral (blue + green + yellow + orange) so I am not worried about having blue walls if we end up with a girl. 

So, one day when I wanted to unpack something more fun than dishes or clothes, I got in our nursery and took all of the crib parts out of the box. Will happened to walk by and I got in trouble- he said that was a daddy job!!! So I ended up playing photographer while he assembled it for me. I love it!

Here are some more pictures of stuff in the nursery!
Crib, car seat, high chair, box of toys!

We have a lot of stuff already thanks to so many precious friends and family. Next week I hope to paint that dresser (green or orange!) and this week I'm going to get a bookshelf for the nursery. We also have to hang stuff (bunting flags, world map, etc). I'm not quite done with the crib bedding- as you can see I made the quilt but I still need to do the skirt, curtains, and maybe bumpers :)!

I'll post more pictures soon!


  1. I love blue nurseries! Especially for girls. And I love your crib bedding! So cute.

  2. love it!!!! it's coming together so well!

  3. LOVE that you're finally getting to fix your nursery! Looks great! Counting down the days with you until your precious little one is in that crib...that is when you finally put him down after all the snuggling =)


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