She deserves an award or something...

My sister Sarah has been working hard to collect stuff for Hannah's Hope. She has been gathering coupons and stocking up on soy formula and diapers! She made it her goal to fill a tub for us to bring to Ethiopia on one of our trips - and she did it! It was a huge accomplishment not just because she took the time to shop, gather the coupons, etc, but because she has a 3 month old and has done all this while managing her 3 kids!! You rock Sarah!

I am so grateful for the support we have received from our family and friends. Everyday I am getting text messages from my sisters about how excited they are to get a niece or nephew soon. And don't get me started on our parents- they are SO EXCITED that their grandbaby will be 2ish hours away now that we are moving to Alabama (both sets of parents! woo hoo!). I guess that since we didn't know how our family would receive the news of our international adoption at first, it makes it that much sweeter that they are all 100% on board and ready for our little on to come home from Ethiopia.