Paperchase, Round Two

Big things are happening for us, folks! This weekend we went to our future home in Alabama- where Will was officially accepted at the church he will be working at. We also found our future home and it is ADORABLE! You better believe nursery plans are reeling through my head right now! We move down in a week and I'm so excited (but sad to leave too!).

So now that we have an address, we have officially applied with a contracted home study agency. We're about to being the second round of the paperchase and we will be seeing a lot of the same paperwork that we did last year.

This weekend the Lord affirmed in us that we are making the right decision to move to Alabama for this opportunity. Even though the timing (moving when we are SO CLOSE to a referral) is not how I would have planned it, I can't wait to see how the story unfolds! I guess I am letting my dream of a baby by Christmas go, but I'm thankful that the Lord ordains our steps, and we will have more time to serve our new community before our world changes when we become parents. The Lord is so faithful, you guys! I hope you have seen that in our story.


  1. Moving, new job, new home… all good things :) It doesn't matter what happens between now and then, God has a plan for you and your baby, so sit back and enjoy the ride :) We're celebrating with you!!

  2. I am so excited for ya'll!!! Welcome back to the Deep South! :) And I can't wait to see God's timing in bringing your baby home!!!

  3. Whoop whoop for jobs, new homes, nurseries, and being back in sweet home AL! Can't wait for you and your babies to be only a few hours away from me and my babies. I foresee a road trip in our future. :)

  4. Congratulations to you guys! Happy for your good news. :)


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