Attitude Check

Don't you get annoyed when you read the Old Testament- and God continues to provide for the Israelites yet they are always griping about His provision? God sends down the exact amount of food they need each day- and they complain that they want variety. They are rescued from slavery and have freedom- yet they want to go back.

Sometimes I am just like that. Okay, a lot of times.

In the last week, I have had several freak out moments where I am just OVERWHELMED by the Lord's goodness and provision for us.

Let's name a few:
- Found a perfect house to rent while living in Jacksonville. It is way bigger than we need, but perfect for college ministry (what Will is going to be doing).
-Since we have a too-big house, we need more furniture. Coincidentally, my parents decided to change out their living room- and are giving us a sofa, two big chairs and an ottoman. Score!
-We had an amazing baby shower - so many needs were met for our little one.
-Our new church paid for a moving company to PACK and MOVE our stuff- we didn't have to do anything!
-We found a great homestudy agency- one that I know I'm going to love 100% more than our first one. They are willing to work with us on a fast timeline!

YET- I manage to find something to complain about in every instance. Big house= lots more to clean... how are we going to get the awesome furniture?.... I didn't get enough time to "play" with my baby stuff- had to pack it up immediately (seriously, I can't believe I thought that but while I'm in the spirit of confession, let's be honest...), we are without our stuff for several homestudy = $3,000+ and LOTS of work.

So of course, I began focusing on the negatives instead of the TREMENDOUS BLESSING that the Lord has been pouring over us. I don't want a pity party, folks- and I don't want to be like the Israelites where I miss out on the joy of the provision because I'm wanting something more, or wanting to return to a previous season.

So here it is: my attitude check. The Lord has been so incredibly good to us. Even if he hadn't given us the list above of all the things we needed/desired, we have countless stories of God's faithfulness in our lives- especially because I have been redeemed by Christ and have a relationship with Him. How easily do I get distracted from the point of everything!?!

So I would appreciate your prayers in this new season: for the homestudy process, for our new ministry in AL, for this adoption to move forward quickly, and most of all: for the Lord to be glorified regardless of the details.


  1. Bekah,

    Thanks for sharing your heart. I pray that you continue to learn how to humbly depend on the Lord's grace--we all need to do that! I pray He'd strengthen you both in this time of transition and that you would be an amazing blessing and testimony of Christ's love and amazing grace to your new church fellowship.


  2. Will be praying for ya'll and all your many transitions ahead! And I can totally relate to all that God is teaching you. While I was reading The Land Between, God used the story of the Israelites to teach me so much!

  3. This is a GREAT lesson for all of us!! Its an amazing reminder for me as well. I have a horrible habit to do the same. Thank you for this reminder to get my head straight! What an amazing God we have! I will be praying for you during this season of many (great!) changes. I'm thinking of you often, friend!


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