First Shower!

Well, it wasn't really a shower, but my office threw me a farewell potluck lunch today, and included some parting baby gifts! Since I will be leaving full-time employment and embarking into a homemaking season, I fully appreciate anything that will help me be a better mom! In addition to some incredibly thoughtful words, the office pitched in and bought me some very fun items to make for a very memorable ending to my job (although I still am working a few days next week).

They got me an incredible video monitor that we registered for, a super soft bear, The Little Engine that Could, and a BEAUTIFUL hand-carved wooden train that was made locally in NC. I am so thankful for these beautiful and thoughtful gifts that will remind me of my time at this job.

It was a privilege working for people that were so supportive of our adoption. So many people would often check in to see our progress along the waitlist, and I know they are all a bit sad that we are leaving right as we get to the exciting part of the process! Our finance manager was the person who notarized EVERY document during our paperchase; she even went to the doctor with us for our physicals! A very generous anonymous donor from our office gave us $500 last summer! Needless to say, we have been VERY blessed at my office and it will be sad to leave this support system... but we know the Lord will provide a new support system for us in Alabama, too!