Pier 6 Water Lab

 Okay consider this a picture dump for my personal documentation! Summer 2015 we went to Brooklyn Bridge Park often, but this was only the second time we made it out here this summer, and it's almost the end of summer! With my pregnancy and busy schedules, it has been hard to get motivated to be outside and take advantage of what awesome perks there are to living here. It's a shame!

We took the kids to the Pier 6 Water Lab, and the kids had a blast for about an hour! Edith went nonstop, exploring and climbing. Israel moved around a bit too!

He has always been so expressive and I just love him so much!!

Love spying on Will being such a sweet daddy!!

Afterwards I made Will snap a 20 week pregnancy picture for me!

Hey hubby... if you pose for a picture it might end up on the internet....

Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of our favorite places. We've made a lot of memories here in the last year and we are always in awe of the beauty of our location.

PS  - Fall 2015 Family Photos at Brooklyn Bridge Park and LOOK HOW TINY my kids were last summer at the same park!