NY Aquarium Visit

Back in July we decided to visit the NY Aquarium in Coney Island. Our one-year zoo membership was about to expire and we wanted to visit the aquarium while it was still free!  Both the kids love water and fishies (and Edith is weirdly obsessed with sea lions). We thought it would be a great outing!

This is one of those days where you have to have a plan B and low expectations as a special needs family. It just wasn't what we hoped it would be.

Edith loved the fish, but Israel just wasn't having it.

We tried letting him listen to music for a little while but he still really spazzy and upset.

We really liked the shark tank! Pretty cool! Most of the aquarium is still under renovation from Hurricane Sandy.

We did manage to get a great family shot in the photo booth!

We finally decided that Will would take Israel to go look at the above ground trains, while I took Edith to the sea lion show. Even that was short-lived because she was a little bored and tired at that point.

I'm glad we at least got to see the aquarium while we had our membership, but it was definitely a hard day. Both kids had their meltdowns and we just had to set aside the picture-perfect dream that I had in my head. Such is life with kids!