Labor Day

We had a really lovely, outdoorsy Labor Day. In the morning Will went to the office for a little while, and my neighbor Mary and I took the kids on a walk to the Narrows Botanic Garden in our neighborhood. Israel was pretty obsessed with her dog, and Edith loved exploring the garden. She wanted to climb the trees like another kid and she loved picking up sticks. We played with sidewalk chalk, a ball, bubbles and the tiny trike. It was fun and the weather was nice!

That afternoon our family went to Prospect Park. We walked around a little while and ended up at the Drummer's Circle, which is a family favorite spot for us! Israel LOVES drums and any music. There were some gracious performers and one woman was an educator who recognized that Israel had some special needs. She let him beat on her drum for a bit, which made his day!

All in all it was a perfect day spent outside. I've really missed being outside so much this summer since I can't take the kids by myself much (I'm not supposed to lift them). I'm thankful for opportunities to go with Will or friends to help!