January Ramblings

We're knee deep in January and it's turning into winter, real winter! We had our first snow earlier in the week and we're expected to get a lot this weekend. Sledding and snow suits are in our forecast, we hope!

I was in a setting recently where people were making fun of people who write blogs. It made me feel weird because I still write on a blog, but I definitely don't consider myself a "blogger" and this is a place that I love to look back and read over seasons of our life, because time just keeps going and I forget so much. So... to those haters, leave me alone. I'm documenting this stuff for my own sake, and nobody is making you read it ;) . 

January has involved lots of coffee. We got a new coffee frother after I had a playdate at a friend's house and she introduced me to the concept. It's rocking my afternoon coffee in a whole new way! Who needs starbucks!? I can make a fancy cappuccino in my own home! 

We had a really wonderful vacation in December but we came back with a renewed/refreshed sense of purpose here in Brooklyn. We're excited to see that we have really made some meaningful relationships here in our community and we are hopeful that these friendships and connections will deepen as time goes on. Will had a meeting with a pastor-friend and he really encouraged Will that we are in a good place for only being here seven months. We are really proud of Crossroads and feel that there have been some positive changes made and there are good things in plan for 2016. 

I feel like I'm starting to make friends! My whole life I've started over so many times, as a kid I moved or changed schools frequently, and then Will and I have lived in three states. I know from my life history that with each location change, it takes time to make deep friendships, but over time you'll look up and see that you have people that do know you and care for you. Satan's biggest attack on me is making me feel isolated and unknown. So I really have to remind myself of God's faithfulness and provision of people who are in my life. I'm an extrovert to the core. Give me people! 

I'm going to a meeting tomorrow to learn more about Israel starting kindergarten in the fall. That's so weird but it is what it is! My little four year old will be in kindergarten in September. He's making amazing progress these days and he is crawling around and saying new words every day. He is obsessed with music, as always, and his current favorite song to watch on his ipad is "Babel" by Mumford and Sons on repeat. On repeat and repeat and repeat. He also loves it when we sing "Father Abraham" and "The Wheels on the Bus" and as always, "Itsy Bitsy Spider." If he's melting down we can start singing and it calms him down pretty quickly. 

Edith is also learning so much these days. She's counting to 13 and knows almost her whole alphabet, recognizing the letters in puzzles and on signs. She things that an X is a K so when there was a tic-tac-toe game at the park she kept giving the "K" a high five (it was an X). She sang "I like you, I like you, just the way you are" which is a Daniel Tiger phrase, to us the other night, and that was the longest little sentence she's said! It was adorable and hearts were melted in our house. We've failed to record it on video, but trust us, it's cute. 

I joined a gym in fall 2015 and it's been a really awesome outlet for me. There's $2 childcare and Edith and I go a few times a week. It's a 13 block walk so in the cold my legs are frozen by the time I get there, but I'm always glad I went! I keep hoping maybe I'll make a friend there!? 

Other notable January things: it's Bachelor watching season, and I got to watch the opening night with some friends. I'm also in a Bachelor bracket this year which adds to the entertainment. Will and I are finally watching season 7 of Parks and Rec since it came on Netflix and it has certainly lived up to the previous seasons. We are going to NC next week for a quick trip to the Summit for a pastor training, and we couldn't be more excited! Will is continuing to be a part of the City to City training in Manhattan (with Tim Keller!) and I'm involved in a monthly meet up with pastor's wives called Parakaleo that has been really encouraging to me. Will is visiting with a homebound man from Bay Ridge a few times a week. He was able to attend a Muslim/Christian unity rally on MLK day in our neighborhood. I've been able to have some really nice playdates and even girl time lately which has been really nice for my extroverted heart!

Since moving here last year Will and I have really focused on how to take care of ourselves to avoid burnout or resentment towards each other, and that's been a priority for us. We're having to give out a lot of grace, space, and sometimes time to just be alone if necessary or go out with a friend and get pedicures if necessary! (That was me and not him, if you're guessing!). 

We're thankful for the changing of each season and also just excited to be here in New York. After seven months here we're seeing the fruit of being here. We're really enjoying Brooklyn and seeing that there's a lot of beauty in the things that are quirky and challenging about living in the city. We're excited about the people and the potential to make meaningful relationships and share the gospel with people who don't really understand it. Even though there are days where we really miss the suburbs or south, we know that we're here for a reason and we're excited to plant roots in it. 


  1. I love that the milk frother has made you so happy! It's the simple pleasures, right? Let's get together again soon.

  2. A frother is a game changer for sure. :)


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