Blizzard Jonas 2016 - Around Brooklyn

Day 1 / Saturday: 

View from our bedroom window - the only window you can see out of because there's no screen on the fire escape! 

They ended up creating a travel ban and only emergency personnel were allowed on the roads from the afternoon on Saturday to morning Sunday. It helped the roads clear faster. MTA was also shut down or running less options for a long time.

Day 2 / Sunday

It's crazy! There was 27 inches of snow on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon the roads are clearing and the sidewalks are being scraped. Many businesses are open already. Schools are open at the normal time and Israel's bus will be picking him at the normal time before 7 am tomorrow! Business as usual in New York! 

I have to say, the snowfall was beautiful! It's already looking gross on the streets with brown/ black snow. Cars are being dug out and Will spent a long time digging ours out because we have to use it Tuesday. The parking situation is nightmarish on a good day, and having snow/ ice mounds on streets is only going to make it worse! We had to cancel church on Sunday because we meet in a high school and were not able to be let in to the building. All in all, it was a first successful snow weekend and we are SO thankful that we get to have a normal school/work day tomorrow!