Blizzard Jonas 2016 - Day 1 Kids & Snow

This weekend we experienced our first big snow storm in New York, and it was a blizzard! There were over 27 inches in one day, which set a record for NYC!

Here are some pictures of Day 1 when we took the kids outside! It was snowing pretty hard and we went in the courtyard behind our apartment. We never play out there because it is where our building houses the trash. It is a nice green space but we never, ever play in it, but with snow you have no idea! :)

The kids didn't really have fun, and we were outside for about 5-10 minutes total. Edith took her gloves off almost immediately and she had cold hands.

So we played inside the rest of the day. Thankfully I had received a big amazon box the day before, which accounted for a lot of play time. Our neighbors came over for a little while and one of the kids had a giant poopsplosion all over one of the bedrooms that involved mopping and taking apart a bed to clean it up.

It was absolutely beautiful outside, and I will do a separate post about pictures of Brooklyn!


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