Blizzard Jonas2016 - Day 3: Kids & Snow

Day 3 of the big snow!

Israel still went on the bus this morning, although it was about 30 minutes late! The sidewalks aren't really scraped so it was kind of difficult.

Mid-morning I took Edith back into our courtyard to play. She loved the snow so much! Will was dealing with some car issues so while he was waiting for a mechanic to fix it. He'd forgotten his wallet so he had to come home anyways, and he stopped by for a few minutes to see Edie playing!

We made a snowman. Edith then attempted to destroy him.

Edith went back to the slide that Will made yesterday!

We took selfies.

She chased birds.

More snuggles and selfies.

Dad came by for a minute!

He taught her the art of the snowball. Hearing her little voice saying "snowball!" was so cute.

We played for about an hour. That afternoon after Israel came home, I took both kids outside. Israel was not having it, and his crying was contagious. Thankfully Will was able to take Israel inside so Edith could play in it some more!

Our neighbor joined us! She has two little boys age 2 and a few months old, so it was fun for Edith to have a playdate.

It's really hard to keep a toddler from trash. Remember, this courtyard is our apartment building's trash graveyard. I'm really going to miss having a yard after having one for a few days! When there's no snow on the ground it's really gross back here. Covered in snow you don't think about it so much!

It was another fun day in the snow. The roads of Brooklyn are pretty clear but the sidewalks are SO GROSS. Slushy and brown. I went to the store tonight and couldn't even drag my cart through some parts. Snow was fun but I'm officially over it! :)