Trip south

Last weekend I went to North Carolina for a quick getaway by myself! I flew into Charlotte around lunchtime and my mom and I immediately went to Chick Fil A. I know there is now one in Manhattan but I've heard that the lines are around 45 minutes long, and that's not something I want to endure with my kids for that beloved meal! Chick Fil A was exactly how I remembered it. :)

Mom and I matched as we always somehow do...

I FaceTimed the kids a lot during my getaway!

Thursday night our friends from Jacksonville who now live in Hendersonville (Justin is on staff at my dad's church!) came over to my parent's house for dinner and we watched the Auburn game. It was so fun hanging out!

Friday morning my parents and I took a walk around downtown and experienced a beautiful sunrise. We ate at the cutest little diner!

Then Mom and I went to Asheville and met my sister Sarah. We did a lot of Christmas shopping, ate at Tupelo Honey, and eventually we ended up in Wal Mart where I pushed my very pregnant sister around in a wheelchair and we all almost peed ourselves from laughing so hard.

Friday night my parents took me to dinner and a movie! Seriously if you're still reading this I know you can appreciate how spoiled I felt at this point!

Saturday morning my mom and I visited my grandmother in her assisted living facility. It was such a treat to see her.

And then I got this message:

My parents drove me back to Charlotte and we met my sister Rachel and her kids. They babysat for her while my sister and I got pedicures and chatted.

We had a quick dinner before my parents dropped me off at the airport. I took an uber (my first experience) home and had the nicest chat with the driver. My husband had flowers and a fixed ipad waiting for me, along with a really sweet note.

I'm so thankful for this time away that refreshed me so much. In just over two days, I went to two Wal-Marts, Target and many other stores. I brought back WAY More than I came with but got some great deals on things that I just can't find in the city (especially not in the same place!). It was a real treat to have time with my family, uninterrupted sleep, and so much food! I'm thankful that my husband was so supportive and let me have this time. I'm especially thankful for my generous and wonderful parents for making the weekend so wonderful! I'm hoping this can be at least a once-a-year getaway :).


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