Israel's Birthday Weekend (Park Day and Zoo Fail).

On the weekend of Israel's actual birthday, we tried that Saturday to take the kids to the Bronx Zoo. We went for Edith's birthday and had a blast. We saw that there were several Halloween themed events throughout October so we wanted to go.

Well, we drove around for two hours but because of traffic we just couldn't get there so we headed home and went to a few parks. I'll be honest: we miss summertime at the parks. Israel is much more content when there's a water element. But we made the best of it, I managed to snap a few happy pictures to make you guys think that's our life all the time! Yay happy pictures!

Sunday afternoon we tried the Bronx Zoo again and it was a big fail. Big big fail. Israel just didn't have a good day. It was really crowded, he didn't nap in the car like Edith did- so he was sleepy and overstimulated. Things that should have made him happy didn't. He ended up taking a 20 minute nap in the stroller so Will and I took turns looking at a few exhibits (BABY GORILLA YOU ARE THE CUTEST!!). We headed home feeling pretty defeated because some people at the zoo said some snarky comments to us about Israel yelling. But, when we were walking around to our car, a man looked at our two kids and said "God bless your family." It was such a simple and sweet statement at a time when we both felt like we can never do a normal outing.

We tried our best to make some happy family memories and I think we did what we could. There were good moments in there! And we did our best to make his birthday weekend fun!