Israel's Birthday (No School!)

Israel's birthday fell on Columbus Day this year, so he was able to get a free day from school. We tried to make it fun. We started the morning with some more Mickey-themed presents from some family and friends, and a new truck and book!

We went to the park and then came home and played. I texted a friend last-minute and she and her kids met us at our corner bakery for some cupcakes. Another patron bought all of our kids balloons! How thoughtful was that? The person heard that we were having a birthday party.

Side note: I know it may not seem like a big deal that I texted a friend and she met me at the bakery... but that was a big moment for my heart. That weekend was really hard with Israel's behavior at the parks and the zoo, and I just was really feeling a little lonely and missing the ease of our life in Alabama. I missed the jumping place from last year where we had his birthday party and all of the kids that he was friends with. I missed my friends and what his birthdays were in the past (college students! staff kids etc). So when I texted Andrea "want to meet in 15 minutes?" and she could do it... it was really a big deal and something I needed in that moment. A friend, available, with kid-friends for my kids.

Will and Israel went on a long walk that afternoon (Israel's favorite). Overall, it was a good birthday for our boy.

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