Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Resting & Waiting

I'm in an in-between season. I could paint the picture a few ways: I'm enjoying a season as a stay-at-home mom, soaking in the time with my littles while they are little. I'm chauffeur to my special needs son as he makes his daily appointments. I'm giver of tickles and fixer of snacks. I'm readily available to my kids at any point, ready to snuggle them back to sleep if they wake too early from a nap, or if we want to take walks in the afternoon to pass the time.

I'm also resting for the first time in a long time. I'll be honest, the past year or so has taken it's toll. From pregnancy to grad school to studying for a license exam, my mind and body have been taxed over the last 2 years. For once I'm not physically or mentally pushed in the ways that I have been over the last season. I have time to read books and watch Netflix and fold laundry at a leisurely pace.

If I'm really being transparent though, I'm a little bored. I'm ready for what's next. I want to return to work and contribute to society in a way that requires a daily shower and a sense of urgency over a to-do list. I've always been so busy, and for right now I'm just not. I am continually reminded to not run ahead of the Lord. The right job will happen at the right time. I don't want to step outside of God's best for our family, so that means staying put until it becomes very clear that there is a job that can allow me to be mom and worker in a thriving capacity. I know that time will come, so I'm not rushing it, although part of me wants to just find something and get started!

How about you... what are you waiting for these days? Anybody else being forced  having the opportunity to rest and wait? 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Edith: Fifteen Months Old

Dear Edie,

You are 15 months old and SO MUCH FUN! Life continues to get sweeter and sillier with you. You certainly still have your dramatic flair but you are so funny! You love playing peek-a-boo, copying anyone (hitting yourself, saying "uh-oh" and "ow" and growling) and dancing. If there's a song, you're grooving. You still eat pretty well and love your milk. You have 8 teeth and your finger is always in your mouth, so I think you're probably getting more soon.

 You're pretty easy-natured for the most part (I say that knowing that you can switch on the drama in a heartbeat, especially when you're tired). You don't mind being in the carseat and you can entertain yourself pretty easily. You recently acquired a stuffed puppy and you're pretty inseparable. You love getting in Israel's crib and jumping on his mattress. If you have the chance, you'll open every cabinet and climb up the stairs as soon as possible. You love watching videos of your dad on the phone waving at him. You watch out the window for him every day, and you can spot a "dog dog" anywhere. You are constantly soaking things in, tinkering with toys and starting to pretend. You will play quietly with a bin of toys for a while and will cuddle puzzle pieces and put scarves or random clothes around your neck as accessories. I'm so amazed by your curiosity and imagination.

You're finally walking and you have so many cute tricks. Blowing kisses, waving, copying us on command. I just love you Edie Petey! You're my shopping buddy, my Gilmore Girl watching sidekick, my book lover, my dancing queen! I'm so excited to do life together. You're such a gift, and I'm so thankful for the ways you light up our life!



PS. {Pictures from my sister, Sarah Siak Photography - she takes pictures in the Asheville/Hendersonville NC area!} Also, here's Israel's 15 month post!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Last year we went to the Pumpkin patch (read here) and had a blast with Will's parents. Well, I say "had a blast" because it was fun, although Israel had a pretty epic meltdown on the hayride. This year though, it really was fun for everyone! We went to a pumpkin patch in Fort Payne, AL the first week of October. I love that we were able to go back to the same place, making memories in a somewhat family tradition.

My father-in-law also took some amazing pictures for us, including some pretty spectacular family-of-four shots. I'm thankful for family time and making memories!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween Recap

After attempting and failing to blog for 31 days, I kind of got burnt out on updating, although there's much to post. This blog is more of a diary for our family about the happenings and milestones of our little life. Therefore, I need to get on the updates or the pictures will forever stay tucked in albums I rarely look at on my computer!

So... Halloween. This year we returned to our church fall festival. Edie was a cat, and she surprisingly kept her hood on for the first time ever (she hates things being on her head). Israel was Batman, and the kids did pretty well!

We didn't go trick or treating this year. I actually took the kids to my sister's house that night, and we opted to stay in instead of braving the cold, rainy night with two not-walking toddlers.

Til next year, holiday of candy and cute kids! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Park with Friends

Last week my friend Brittany and I met at a local park with our kids! Brittany and I lead a small group together, and our husbands work together at church. Brittany is a super mom! Her family also just adopted one son from Ethiopia, and they are hoping to bring back their oldest child from Ethiopia soon! Check out their blog here.

I have to admit, it was the first time I took the kids to the park without my husband, and it was a little complicated. My kids are still very dependent so I was thankful for Brittany's help.

It was a beautiful day and I'm thankful for little moments of friend time. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, and mamas need each other! Amen?! Just a 45 minute play date can do so much for my soul. It's okay if my children eat mulch and hog the slides. This is just a season, and they will only be bitty dependent toddlers for a little while. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I loved about our Outpatient Physical Therapist

For the past 16 months, Israel has been receiving outpatient PT from Judy Benton in Anniston once a week. I've been SO pleased with our experience there! Now that he is three years old, we are officially switching his PT services to the Jacksonville school system, and he will be getting PT there twice a week.

I've been so impressed with the precious team at Pediatric Physical Therapy. I think they have figured out some really good customer satisfaction tips. So here are some things I take away from my positive experience:

1. They always listen to me, and make sure to answer any questions I have.
2. They are very knowledgeable and offer insight into areas beyond PT.
3. They also sell AFO braces, and even though we didn't get ours from them, they were always helpful to adjust his braces or help us advocate for new ones!
4. They were willing to work with other agencies and provide progress notes or letters to advocate for needed equipment.
5. The waiting room was always clean and had several toys and books for my other child to play with. There was a TV in there, but it wasn't always on (which I prefer!) and families could decide if they wanted it on or what channel you wanted - you weren't stuck watching anything annoying for an hour.
6. They were so helpful to me when I was preoccupied with a baby! I was 9 months pregnant when we started working with them, and when I came with a newborn, they helped me to and from my car. Tanja (the office manager) would even sit with Edith by the car so I could help Israel walk out in his walker.
7. There were about 3 Tuesdays in a row that my car had a flat tire- and they helped me fill it up!
8. They kept our story confidential and never made me feel uncomfortable by talking about Israel in front of strangers. They asked my opinion on if I wanted updates on therapy in the waiting room or in the therapy room.
9. There was a very awesome ratio of therapist: children. They only see 2 kids at a time, and so my child always got one-on-one care.
10. Israel has made a lot of progress at his office. I have loved seeing him learn to use a walker and progress so much each week.
11. They were thoughtful - they found toys he liked to prompt him to work, and they would avoid noises or things that scared them.

I'm sure there's many other things that I'm just not remembering. I was so pleased with our PT experience! Thanks Judy, Vicki and Tanja for being so awesome! We already miss our Tuesday routine!
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