Halloween Recap

After attempting and failing to blog for 31 days, I kind of got burnt out on updating, although there's much to post. This blog is more of a diary for our family about the happenings and milestones of our little life. Therefore, I need to get on the updates or the pictures will forever stay tucked in albums I rarely look at on my computer!

So... Halloween. This year we returned to our church fall festival. Edie was a cat, and she surprisingly kept her hood on for the first time ever (she hates things being on her head). Israel was Batman, and the kids did pretty well!

We didn't go trick or treating this year. I actually took the kids to my sister's house that night, and we opted to stay in instead of braving the cold, rainy night with two not-walking toddlers.

Til next year, holiday of candy and cute kids!