Resting & Waiting

I'm in an in-between season. I could paint the picture a few ways: I'm enjoying a season as a stay-at-home mom, soaking in the time with my littles while they are little. I'm chauffeur to my special needs son as he makes his daily appointments. I'm giver of tickles and fixer of snacks. I'm readily available to my kids at any point, ready to snuggle them back to sleep if they wake too early from a nap, or if we want to take walks in the afternoon to pass the time.

I'm also resting for the first time in a long time. I'll be honest, the past year or so has taken it's toll. From pregnancy to grad school to studying for a license exam, my mind and body have been taxed over the last 2 years. For once I'm not physically or mentally pushed in the ways that I have been over the last season. I have time to read books and watch Netflix and fold laundry at a leisurely pace.

If I'm really being transparent though, I'm a little bored. I'm ready for what's next. I want to return to work and contribute to society in a way that requires a daily shower and a sense of urgency over a to-do list. I've always been so busy, and for right now I'm just not. I am continually reminded to not run ahead of the Lord. The right job will happen at the right time. I don't want to step outside of God's best for our family, so that means staying put until it becomes very clear that there is a job that can allow me to be mom and worker in a thriving capacity. I know that time will come, so I'm not rushing it, although part of me wants to just find something and get started!

How about you... what are you waiting for these days? Anybody else being forced  having the opportunity to rest and wait? 


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