What I loved about our Outpatient Physical Therapist

For the past 16 months, Israel has been receiving outpatient PT from Judy Benton in Anniston once a week. I've been SO pleased with our experience there! Now that he is three years old, we are officially switching his PT services to the Jacksonville school system, and he will be getting PT there twice a week.

I've been so impressed with the precious team at Pediatric Physical Therapy. I think they have figured out some really good customer satisfaction tips. So here are some things I take away from my positive experience:

1. They always listen to me, and make sure to answer any questions I have.
2. They are very knowledgeable and offer insight into areas beyond PT.
3. They also sell AFO braces, and even though we didn't get ours from them, they were always helpful to adjust his braces or help us advocate for new ones!
4. They were willing to work with other agencies and provide progress notes or letters to advocate for needed equipment.
5. The waiting room was always clean and had several toys and books for my other child to play with. There was a TV in there, but it wasn't always on (which I prefer!) and families could decide if they wanted it on or what channel you wanted - you weren't stuck watching anything annoying for an hour.
6. They were so helpful to me when I was preoccupied with a baby! I was 9 months pregnant when we started working with them, and when I came with a newborn, they helped me to and from my car. Tanja (the office manager) would even sit with Edith by the car so I could help Israel walk out in his walker.
7. There were about 3 Tuesdays in a row that my car had a flat tire- and they helped me fill it up!
8. They kept our story confidential and never made me feel uncomfortable by talking about Israel in front of strangers. They asked my opinion on if I wanted updates on therapy in the waiting room or in the therapy room.
9. There was a very awesome ratio of therapist: children. They only see 2 kids at a time, and so my child always got one-on-one care.
10. Israel has made a lot of progress at his office. I have loved seeing him learn to use a walker and progress so much each week.
11. They were thoughtful - they found toys he liked to prompt him to work, and they would avoid noises or things that scared them.

I'm sure there's many other things that I'm just not remembering. I was so pleased with our PT experience! Thanks Judy, Vicki and Tanja for being so awesome! We already miss our Tuesday routine!


  1. When our daughter fell off the school bus, she was in a wheelchair for weeks. Once we started physical therapy, he whole outlook changed. She was excited and smiling again, and those nurses treated her so kind. It was only a few weeks later she was on crutches and then walking and running again like nothing had happened at her school.

    Candace Hudson @ MedCare Pediatric


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