Typical Night

Tonight I had my camera out since I had taken it to the JSU game. I decided to snap a few shots of our kids during the last hour before bed. I think their little personalities were definitely clear in these pictures! Edith is a little troublemaker, dancer, mischief maker, adventurer. Israel is silly, sweet, loves his DJ Danny, and loves wearing hats!

First, Edith brought Israel his cup. She's so sweet! Edith loves to bring him his cup, while Israel likes to find Edith's cup, grunt at us until we tell him not to drink out of it. He will hold it up to his mouth to make sure that we know he has her cup.

I love Edie's little profile with her belly!

After playing together at their barn, Edie moved on to the musical giraffe.

Israel discovered Will's hat.

First Edith put a gear in his mouth, then Edie stole it and did the same thing. Copycat.

Israel found DJ Danny and scooted to his daddy to play it with him.

The kids were quite disappointed that Daniel Tiger was over!

Edith ended up sitting on Israel, causing him to topple over.

She moved on to her new favorite spot - the "blanket corner" behind the recliner. She loves to come back there and snuggle up on top of the blankets.

Meanwhile, Israel really wanted to sing "itsy bitsy spider."

So I know this is not the most thrilling post... but it's a snapshot of probably 20 minutes of a typical night in this season! Busy, silly, season with lots of songs, interventions, and playing. What a sweet, sweet gift these kiddos are to us.

{Israel at 3 years, 2 months and Edith at 15.5 months}


  1. She was bringing him his cup this morning in worship care too:))


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