Random Fall Pictures

Here are a few fall highlights!

- We visited Will's parents the first weekend in October. We also went to the pumpkin patch this weekend.

- My parents came by for a quick visit before they moved to North Carolina.

- We went to a friend's birthday party at the Red Barn Stables. Israel was too scared to ride this time (we went in February!) but we still had fun. Edie wasn't walking at this point, and she was obsessed with the farm dog! It was a costume party since it was before Halloween, and the kids went on a hayride.

- We also spent some afternoons on the porch. I tried and failed to take a pumpkin picture with Edith. This must have been a gameday because they are in their Auburn gear!

- We had a SUPER FUN college ministry Halloween party. We rented the local train station, had a dance floor and everyone dressed up. It was probably one of my favorite nights in a long time.

My small group!
-Edith enjoyed the full attention of her parents on Israel's school day. She plays dress up nonstop, chases her shadow, and gets lots of snuggles.

It's a full, fun life!